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Consultancy, Calibrations and Tailored Solutions

During almost 20 years in direct contact with Instrumentation related applications in different sectors from INdustry and Testing, we have set key sinergies which are now at your disposal for your requests in:

Consultancy, Calibrations and Tailored Solutions

Technical Consultancy: Calibrations

Technical support for development and continuity of your testing activity

Perform of calibrations standard or accredited through partners of almost every kind of sensor, from the pick up in your facilities until the final delivery back.

Development of tailored adaptations

For special situations, our service scope can be enlarged including the manufacturing of special adaptations for the measurement environment for making possible the integration of the sensor as well as a reliable and accurate data recording. Some examples are:

  • Special machining of parts
  • Cabling and special connectors
  • Wireless solutions and special communication buses
  • Pneumatic adaptations

Vibration: Data recording

For puntual measurements, we offer a sensor installation and data recording service , which results will be transfered to customer for his analysis.

Sales Networking

New markets prospect in Industry or Testing for promotion of your product or solution.

Measurement & Testing

Sales, installation and technical support of high quality measurement systems for:

Industrial applications


Consultancy and Calibration

YSTRALO Products

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