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Testing in Vehicles and Components Scope

We offer sensors and full measurement chains for testing purposes in vehicle and components scope, which use can be expanded to a general testing environment.

Supplier awarded for testing instrumentation supply, must be able to supply sensors and robust equipment, capable of providing the maximum ammount of information from different vehicle locations, with a high reliability and repetitivity, as well as having enough technical capability and experience for providing technical support and training required by customer.

Testing in Vehicles and Components Scope

Vehicle Dynamics

Ystralo. Vehicle Dynamics

In the scope of vehicle test, we offer measurement and analysis systems, specific for diverse applications like:

  • Performance test
  • Braking distance and slipping angle measurement
  • Fuel consumption measurement
  • Speed and distance measurement
  • Advanced driving assistance systems development

Pasive Safety

Components and full vehicle pasive certification for pasive safety standards, are performed on the basis of standards that include crash test campaigns, both with full vehicle or in sled. Our instrumentation offer allows recording the most relevant test data in a reliable way.

Ystralo. Pasive Safety

Test Bench: Electric Motor and Vehicle

Current environmental directives, require a bigger focus on emissions measurement and fuel consumption reduction, but mainly towards electric vehicle and components development.

In both cases, development, calibration and homologation phases, include several complex test bench campaigns, with several data recording points, requiring of specific instrumentation and data adquisition.

Ystralo. Test Bench: Electric Motor and Vehicle

Structures monitoring at Civil Engineering

Ystralo. Structures monitoring at Civil Engineering

Critical civil engineering structures like bridges, must be continuously monitored for assuring a safe operation inside safety limits. Vibration measurement as a basis for modal analysis is one of the most employed techniques and requires the use of instrumentation with specific characteristics.

Measurement & Testing

Sales, installation and technical support of high quality measurement systems for:

Industrial applications


Consultancy and Calibration

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