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Combustion Analysis Systems

Our Advanced Indication System, is able to adquire and process signals coming from different engine tested points in test bench, such as cylinder pressure, injector signals, or engine revolutions -by means of encoder signals- with the best technical features:

  • Signal adquisition in a time or crank angle base.
  • High adquisition speed: 500kHz or 0,1 ºCA
  • Compatible with the main market encoder systems
  • Conditioning of signals coming from different market sensors with different technologies like piezoelectric, etc.
  • Compatible with most market charge amplifiers
  • Direct power supply from the vehicle
  • Simple set up and operation
  • Data output in files with editable formats (IFILE, ASCII…)
  • Specific engine values calculation: IMEP, CA50, Pmax, Knocking…
  • Multiple test cells interconnection
  • Modular and compact system
Combustion Analysis Systems

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