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Force Measurement in Pedals and Steering Wheels

In the scope of in-vehicle test, we offer measurement and analysis systems forcused in different driving and dynamics purposes like:

  • Performance tests
  • Brake distance and slip measurement
  • Consumption measurement
  • Distance and speed measurement
  • Advanced Driver Assistance Systems

Among others, load cells for monitoring pedal force, and instrumented steering wheels for measuring angles and torques can be used.

Pedal Force Meter

Several variants available for force acting in the brake pedal and on the handbrake, as well as to measure the force of a handbrake lever of motorcycles. In order to allow a particular use for every application, direct analogue signal outputs or integrated display option can be chosen.

Pedal Force Meter

Force and torque measurement steering wheels

Advanced measurements in steering wheels require of special sizes as well as excelent resolution and accuracy of the measured values. The sensor is placed between steering column and original steering wheel of the vehicle, preserving all steering wheel functions where a high accuracy and roughness are required.

Force and torque measurement steering wheels

Measurement & Testing

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