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GPS and Data Adquisition Systems

For the precise determination of vehicle speed, and other paremeters related with vehicle performances, our high end GPS receivers enter the scene.

Signals coming from diverse in-vehicle instrumentation, must be conditioned in a propper way and sent to a data adquisition system or datalogger with an adequate reading capability, roughness and compactness allowing installation in reduced spaces independenty of the vehicle type.

Measurements like fuel consumption, confort trials, acceleration and braking tests, etc, require of a high speed and accurate adquisition capability. Our systems are offering also multiple interfaces and recording functions, including plausibility check, stand-still recognition, or time stamp during measurement.


100Hz Dual GPS programable, including data adquisition and acceleration and braking test


100Hz Dual GPS


100Hz Dual GPS with integrated IMU

Measurement & Testing

Sales, installation and technical support of high quality measurement systems for:

Industrial applications


Consultancy and Calibration

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