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Dimensional Metrology and Hardness Measurement

As distributor in Spain of the worldwide leader Mahr GmbH, YSTRALO is offering a full range of instruments and laboratory equipment for warranting a correct execution of dimensional measurements, including the verification of all the drawing tolerances regardless of its type and with high accuracies.

In addition, in the scope of materials testing, we offer solutions for hardness measurent, based upon portable measurement systems, working under the percussion or ultrasonic principles.

Dimensional Metrology and Hardness Measurement
Dimensional Metrology - Calipers

MarCal range, includes calipers of different measurement ranges and set ups, both vernier and digitals.

All the digital calipers count with a universal Referencing System which value is kept even after instrument is switched off, being only necessary referencing only once. This fact, together with a 3 years autonomy, is warranting a fast and simple handling.

An excelent guideway finishing warrants a highly sensitive jaws movement. By the other hand, its integrated wireless transmission system make MarCal the best choice for measurements both on field and in laboratory.

MarCal - Main Characteristics

  • Caliper types: Vernier, Digital
  • Available measurements: Inward, Outward, Depth, Universal Applications
  • Inward measurement ranges: from 50 to 2000 mm
  • IP protection: Up to IP67
  • Resolution: Up to 0,01 mm
  • Battery life: 3 years
  • Integrated data transmission system: Available for all the models
  • Models available for special measurements: slots, inner parts, threads, etc.
Dimensional Metrology - Calipers
Dimensional Metrology - Calipers
Dimensional Metrology - Calipers

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