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OBD, CAN Readers and Routers

OBD, CAN Readers

Our signal converters, perform signal conversion from OBD2 or GPS, to a CAN telegram freely configurable, as well as to analogue and digital outputs.

All the solutions are based in rough housings, and include user friendly displays, for an easy in-vehicle integration, providing the necessary reliability this in-vehicle tests are demanding

OBD/CANID. OBD2 to CAN dbc converter

OBD2 to CAN dbc converter

GPS20/CANID/In-Line. GPS to CAN converter

GPS to CAN converter

OBD/rpm/V. OBD to rpm or Km/h converter

OBD to rpm or Km/h converter

Convertidor universal de señales de rpm procedentes de diversos sensores, a diversos buses

Universal converter of rpm signals coming from different kind of sensors to different vehicle buses


In vehicle test usually require of the connection of a large number of different sensors with different connectivity, as well as signals coming from vehicle buses and special sensors like GPS. 

Those signals must be conditioned in a propper way and being sent to a data adquisition system or data logger with enough reading capability and compacity for being installed in small locations, regardless of the vehicle type.

VarioView. Router provisto de display con plantilla configurable

Router with display with configurable template for showing measuring data from different sources

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