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Data Adquisition in Electric Vehicle

We can offer measurement, adquisition and testing electrical parameters analysis solutions of:

  • Electric motor
  • e-axle
  • Batteries
  • Inverters

POWERMETER includes all the watimeter classic functions and is suitable for every type of application: electric engine, e-axle, inverter and battery.

Data Adquisition in Electric Vehicle

It performs in real time, the usual power calculations based upon measurements used to evaluate performances and characteristics at converters and electric engines output, such as active power, apparent power, reactive power or power factor. 

For high voltage and high current level signals management, system is using independent probes and current clamps. It can be adjusted to the voltage and current levels of the UUT

Its main technical characteristics are:

  • Dynamic and real time calculation and data transmisión up to 1 kHz, with calculations executed for every electric cycle
  • Hardware shared with OSIRIS Combustion Analysis System: Possibility of use in hybrid vehicle test
  • Management of 6 phases engines with a single system.
  • Compatible with every kind of application: Electric engine, electric axle, invertir and battery
  • Management of different engine wiring set ups: star, star with neutral and delta
  • Adapted to tests performed in electric power train
  • Real Time Dynamic Calculation of power, variable speed and torque

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