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Sensors and Solutions for Static and Dynamic Torque Measurement

We offer a full range of torquemeters which make possible Static and Dynamic Torque Measurements, at different kind of tests with multiple assembly systems such as flange or axle, as well as a full choice of measurment ranges and integrated rotating speed measurement.

Along with standard solutions, we have also available torquemeters with special design, to be installed at special locations,as well as  tailored solutions for measuring torque and temperature either in field tests or over special measurement environments. 

Plastic Injection Process Monitoring

Test requirements at industry, make it necessary the use of systems with a high spezialization level. For this reason, our sensors designs are focused in flexibility concept allowing adaptability to any test environment.

Following this, we offer standard or special measurement ranges, specific mechanical adaptations, double measuring ranges, additional parameters channel outputs, different kinds of signals -analogue, digitals, frequency, etc- hollow shaft setup, etc.

Those characteristics allow the use of our torquemeters in almost every test required in the main industrial sectors:

  • Electric and combustion engines
  • Automotive: Gear Boxes
  • Hidraulic and oil pumps
  • Aerospace sector
  • Railway sector
  • Braking Systems
  • Energy generation

Together with this systems, we also offer an efficient calibration service valid not only for our torquemeters but also for third party brands, with delivery times compatible with all our customers requeriments. 

YSTRALO is providing an efficient local technical support for ATESTEO systems including a minimum response time which warrants system correct and uninterrupted operation during its whole operative life.

Discover everything YSTRALO can offer you in this innovative technology:


Torquemeters - Flange and axle adaptation
Cavity Pressure Curve

Torque measurement usually involves high variability technical specifications regarding mechanical compatibility with test environment, measurement ranges, signal outputs, rotating speeds or dimensions.

To meet these requirements, we offer a complete torquemeter portfolio which include among others, following advantages:

  • Different dimensions available
  • Standard or customized measurement ranges, 
  • Two integrated amplifiers: Double measurement range
  • Rotating measurement speed included
  • Special features: hollow shaft, combined torque-temperature measurement, high IP level, etc.

In the field of high load applications, we also offer torquemeters with measurement ranges up to 250 KNm or even higher for special developments.  Rotating speeds can reach up to 40.000 rpm as a function of measurement range.

Our torquemeters are also providing the feature of combining a single stator compatible with different rotors, allowing simple and cost effective measurement ranges upgrade. 

In order to ease sensor set up process and starting measurements in a fast and simple way, it is available a free configuration software which allows among other options, performing a quick sensor measurement  check, as well as setting ranges and alarms.

Cavity Pressure Curve

Torquemeters with flange mechanical adaptation

  • Double measurement range
  • 24 bit analogue-digital converter
  • Accuracies better than 0,04% FS
  • Multiple measurement ranges and rotor dimensions choice
  • Analogue and digital output signals
  • Integrated rotating speed measurement


Torquemeters with axle mechanical adaptation

  • Reduced housing dimensions
  • Torque mesurement ranges: 5,10,20 Nm
  • Max speed: 20.000 rpm
  • Accuracy class: <= 0,05 % FS
  • Voltage and frequency signal outputs
  • Integrated speed measurement

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