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Speed and Distance Measurement for Crash Test

Speed and Distance Measurement for Crash Test

LBSM 200 is a compact system, able to provide accurate speed and distance measurements in different sled based crash test set ups, with a competitive price.

It is really simple to put in operation the system, without time consuming alignement process. which is optimizing test set up time.  Besides, LBSM 200 is the single system in the market able to simoultaneously measuring impact speed and stop distance.

Set up and operation are possible by means of an intuitive touch display or remotely with a user software included without aditional price. This remote control option, allows installing system in the crash test track while carrying out operation and control from the cabin, which means a decisive contribution to test safety.

Main features:

  • Compact system, including touch display
  • Speed measurement based upon two pre-assembled and pre-adjusted laser beams
  • Additional measurement of stop distance
  • Fast and Intuitive test set-up
  • Ethernet connectivity for remote set up and operation
  • Dimensions: 280x280x170 mm
  • Weight: 6,5 kg
  • Arming function: Remote (electric contact) or locally
  • Accredited calibration of measured values
  • User software included
  • Tailored design upon request
Speed and Distance Measurement for Crash Test

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